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Severi Luoto

Testimonial: Severi Luoto

Joe is a fount of knowledge on the human body. He is enthusiastic about helping you as an individual, and professional in delivery. As a competitive runner I was surprised and pleased to see a tangible improvement in my running performance, running a season's best and a personal best for my main race of the year (5 000 m track race). I partially assign the performance improvement to the three myofascial treatments I received from Humano Performance. I can warmly recommend Humano Performance for runners wishing to prevent injuries, release tensions, treat an existing injury, or improve their running form.”

Severi Luoto

  • 2017 World Masters Games Men’s 30-34 10 000m Track Gold

  • 2017 World Masters Games Men’s 30-34 6km Cross Country Silver

  • 2017 World Masters Games Men’s 30-34 5000m Track Bronze

  • Personal Best 1500m Track 4:27.40 (2017)

  • Personal Best 5000m Track 16:59.68 (2018)

  • Personal Best 10 000m Track 36:43.48 (2015)

Malin Contreras Tittonen

Testimonial: Malin Contreras Tittonen

“Joe knows how to take care of an Crossfit athlete. Perfect fascia treatment , my shoulders and neck felt a lot better and I could jerk pain free again.”

Malin Contreras Tittonen

  • 2013 Crossfit Games Teams Athlete

  • 2014 Crossfit Regionals Teams Athlete

  • 2017 Crossfit Regionals Teams Athlete

  • 2018 Crossfit Masters 40-44 Sweden’s Fittest Woman


Case Study: Coach Wallis

Justin Wallis is a fitness & nutrition coach and a Muay Thai Fighter. He trains Muay Thai 3-4 times a week on average. On the left picture you can see his right side is compressed and his left shoulder is shortened and elevated. This is due to the Muay Thai fighting stance, which keeps the right hand protecting the head while jabbing with the left (for orthodox fighters). 

After a one Structural Bodywork session, we were able to open and balance the left side to elevate the left shoulder and lengthen the right shoulder bringing the right shoulder to the level with the the left. 



Justin Case Study

Before and after a Structural Bodywork session