Recovery & Relaxation Massage & Fascia Massage

We offer two types of massages; Clinical Massage & Swedish Massage. Clinical Massage is to address minor issues, niggles and get you back in action better, recovered and relaxed. Swedish Massage is more relaxation and recovery without addressing any possible issues. This is the most calming treatment we offer and if you fall asleep, we've done our job well.

R&R Massage

Recovery & Relaxation is classic massage combination of deep tissue and Swedish massage. Not only this massage is great for relaxing the entire body, but it is exceptionally beneficial for improving circulation and rehydrating the tissue, moving lymphatic fluids around and increasing flexibility while easing tension. Classic massage techniques include long gliding strokes, circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, firm kneading, percussion-like tapping, bending and stretching. 

R&R Massage is great for relaxation, recovery, stress reduction and lymphatic assistance.

Head Over Heels

Are you on your feet all day or need to wear smart shoes and by the end of the day you wait to kick them off your feet? Or do you use your hands typing on a keyboard and staring at a screen and just feel like you have claws for hands and a stiff neck? Do you want to feel better, but not keen on the idea of taking your clothes off for a massage? Not to worry!

Head Over Heels is a combo massage of feet, hands and neck & head. No need to take off your clothes, just your socks, roll up your sleeves and open top button of your shirt for a invigorating foot massage, relaxing hand massage and soothing neck & head treatment that will make you feel like a you had a really good, relaxing and energising sleep.

Fascia Massage

Fascia Massage is similar to Structural Bodywork without the goal of addressing postural, mobility or pain issues. FM uses the same Myofascial Release techniques as with Structural Bodywork with little or no wax. This allows for deep and slow work which increases tissue mobility, tissue hydration, lymphatic exchange and proprioception.

FM is great way to relax, recover and rehydrate either preparing for an event, from recovering one, or if you just feel tight and literally uncomfortable in your own skin.